Sunday Feast at Hubbard and Bell

Sunday Feast at Hubbard and Bell

I am not even going to apologise for the amount of food photos in this post (#foodporn for the Instagram nation). 

Last Sunday I went to Hubbard & Bell for their new Sunday Feast, which is an enormous variety of food ranging from Sunday roast, English Breakfast, salads, pasta, waffles, fruits, cereals, pastries and cakes for £25.

The best thing about the Sunday Feast is that it is all you can eat so you can try a bit of everything and some more! 

Pictured below is my (first) plate. I continued to devour much much more to the point that we could not move. We are so happy and full!


It is based in the Hoxton Hotel in Holborn and has a spacious dining area with lovely booths dotted around.


The food is laid out around the room and is really quite irresistable. This is more upmarket than your average buffet anf considering you can eat as much as you want it is a pretty awesome deal.

Photos below are from the first counter we visited which had roast, seafood, meats,English  breakfast, eggs and so much! You can see just from my photos just how much is available.



Trust me when I saw these waffles I got super excited and they were delicious!


Pasta station

Pasta is also available and you can have it in different ways.


Assortment of Cheese

If you are a cheese-a-holic (like me) this is just a dream! Crackers and cheese are also available.


Breakfast and fruits

If you want a lighter, or healthier breakfast, there is also fresh fruit, cereals and chia pudding pots available.

Pastries such as croissants, are also on show and really tempting.



The dessert selection is amazing. Lots of different cakes are displayed beautifully so you have got to keep some space for it!




There are also a fantastic range of drinks available ranging from house press, juices, wines, beers and cocktails you can order. These are not included as part of the price of the meal.

I went for a green house press which was delicious. 

 The Sunday Feast is perfect as you can wake up leisurely and head to Hubbard and Bell and eat and eat and eat! Perfect weekend indulgence! 

You don’t have to worry about making breakfast you can treat yourself instead. So cancel any plans you have on Sunday (or another Sunday) and head there! 

It runs from 12pm to 5pm every Sunday and for more information visit:

I was invited to review The Sunday Feast at Hubbard and Bell. All views are my own.


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