Bunny Chow 

Bunny Chow 

Last week, thanks to Zomato UK, I had the chance to learn how to make my own bunny! What is a bunny? Well here is a little bit of history for you 🙂

Bunny Chow

A “Bunny” originated in the Durban Indian community in the 1940s and is a fast food dish. It consists of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry. This has now landed in Soho right on Wardour Street at Bunny Chow so that all us Londoners can enjoy this delicious dish too!

So back to last week, a group of London bloggers all met at Bunny Chow with the intention of learning how to make our own bunny and then devouring it. It was nice to meet other bloggers, each with different niches.


Ps If you have noticed the badge this is a loyalty badge 🙂 It gets you 20% discount on food and drinks.
  We started off with some cocktails and nibbles and lovely chats. I had a delicious cucumber mojito called the Green Mamba which was so refreshing! The invictus looked good too. This was a mixture of All Spice, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Chilli, Lime & Ginger. (Yes the spices attracted me to it.)

We then were given a brief history about Bunny Chow before being led downstairs to start the fun. It was a rather fascinating story and I could picture how Indians in Durban suddenly had a light bulb moment and started using the hollowed out bread instead of rotis.

We were also taught how to hollow the bread (see below).

 In this room (pictured below) we were separated out into teams to tackle different parts of the process. The two shortest of the group were given the task of using a giant hand held blender to make a sauce. (Giggle away at pictures below.)


While the room also had a slot for the tallest blogger 🙂

 After that we were asked to guess what was inside these two sauces before assembling our own bunnies.

  The choice of breads were brioche, wholemeal and white loaf. Look at those breads 🙂


 I decided to go for the brioche. It was wonderfully soft and not too sweet.

Each bunny costs £5 each which is fantastic for central London as it is a very filling meal.

The choices are:

  • DURBAN BUNNY Slow cooked mutton curry and your choice of topping – £5
  • CHAKALAKA BUNNY Spicy chicken and tomato with your choice of topping – £5
  • VEGGIE BUNNY Cauliflower, chickpeas, paneer, spicy South African sauce – £5
  • PIRI PIRI PORK BUNNY 8 hour pulled pork & Bunnychow’s Piri Piri sauce – £5

I went for the veggie bunny and topped it with Sambal and pickled slaw. OMG it was so good!

 Once our bunnies were all assembled we went back upstairs to enjoy it with some sides such as:

  • SPICED SOUTH AFRICAN SAMP With Seasonal Veg- £2.50
  • BOEREWORS SAUSAGE With Spiced Mayo & Salsa – £2.50

  It was great fun eating the bunny and everyone had a different way of attacking it. I ate all the filling first and then ate the brioche. It was so full and so happy.

  For dessert I ate bread and butter pudding. There was also a mango creamy dessert available too which was like a rice pudding.


 It was so much fun learning all about bunnies and then eating them and I would definitely go there again for a meal.

Thank you to Zomato and Bunny Chow for hosting a group of London bloggers and teaching us something new!

  If you want to go to Bunny Chow it can be found at:




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