Mango Tree Restaurant

Mango Tree Restaurant

In the heart of Belgravia is this beautiful, spacious Thai restaurant, the Mango Tree.

A restaurant that has enjoyed fame as it was once featured on BBC’s Masterchef as well as in The Silkworm, a novel by J.K. Rowling. Yes that’s right! More on that later.

We started our evening off in the bar area. What a space! A modern eclectic feel with both innovative and classic cocktails, a fantastic selection of spirits, wines and beers.

Spacious with lots of seating. Very comfortable too!


I settled for a Thai mojito. This was made using chairman’s reserve rum, mekhong (thai liqueur), fresh lime juice, mint leaves, lemon grass, brown sugar syrup and soda water.

This was refreshing and delicious and definitely passed my Mojito test!

My other half opted for a classic Gin & Tonic.  We were given some bitings to enjoy while we had our drinks and the service was quick and fantastic.

After we finished our drinks we were shown to our table. The dining area is massive and spaced out.

We kicked off with prawn crackers. Fresh, crunchy and tasty. Full of flavour and these went down really quickly.

For starters we wanted to try so many dishes and couldn’t decide so we went for the Mango tree platter. This had assorted appetisers including chicken satay, prawn spring rolls, golden purse of minced chicken and thai fish cakes, served with satay peanut sauce, sweet chilli sauce and plum sauce.

This was absolutely delicious! My favourites was a close draw between the prawn spring rolls and the fish cakes.

It is worth mentioning that the Mango Tree also offer a separate vegetarian menu too.

For mains the waiter recommended Gaeng phed ped yang pon la mai. This is a red curry with roasted duck, grapes, pineapple and cherry tomatoes, served in a pineapple bowl. This particular dish was featured on BBC1’s Masterchef.

Just look at that dish! Beauiful presentation and absolutely divine flavours. The spicy red curry contrasted with the pineapple and grapes had a whole different level of flavour fusion.

This is a dish I would definitely come back for without a doubt.

Our second main was Gaeng kiew wan which was a thai green curry with pea aubergine, thai aubergine, sweet basil and prawns. So tasty this was a bowl of heaven.

I love thai green curry. It is a dish I always order in every thai restaurant and this exceeded my expectations.


We had both mains with rice. The dishes were so full of flavour and tasted so fresh. All the ingredients were pefectly balanced too so you could get a hint of different taste notes with every serving.

We were so full by this point but I was absolutely determined to have dessert. I had spotted that they had creme brulee on the menu which was called Sang ka ya mamuang.

This was mango creme brulee with pistachio biscotti.

If you have been following my restaurant journeys you will notice that a mojito and creme brulee are always ordered where available on the menu.

This was a gorgeous dessert, both in presentation and indulgence. The mango tasted so fresh and I felt like I was sitting on a tropical island eating it.

The biscotti was delicious too. Had a lovely crunch and the pistachio flavour was on point.

The whole meal was absolutely delightful and a fabulous dining experience. The restaurant is so spacy and modern while the food is authentic Thai with some innovative dishes available too.

The highlight in the mains was the red curry served in a pineapple. Different yet divine.

Highly recommend mango tree for a date, special occasion or even as a treat. The food is incredible and impressive, the service is five star and the location is lovely. Close to Buckingham Palace in Belgravia. Slightly on the higher end of prices but worth every penny.

I can now see why J.K. Rowling chose to name drop this restaurant in The Silkworm.

One of the characters said the following when discussing a restaurant “They do reasonably good food,’ said Matthew. ‘Thai. It’s not the Mango Tree, but it’s all right.”

I agree. Mango Tree has a definite edge over other Thai restaurants.

From 15th September Mango tree will launch a regional menu which will showcase the four core areas of Thailand; north, north-eastern, central and south.
Combining fundamental flavourings – hot, spicy, mild and sweet – each region will be characterised by two distinct dishes to create a memorable menu of Thailand’s most celebrated landscapes and individual cultures.

The traditional taste of Thailand menu will run from 15th September until 15th November. To book please email or call 020 7823 1888.
For more information on mango tree visit:


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