Slice of Spice

Slice of Spice

I love pizza and I love Indian food so when I heard of a collaboration between Pizza Pilgrims and Cinnamon Kitchen #Neapolitandoori I was so excited. 


Until Friday you can try an Indian inspired pizza for £8 each on the Alfresco terrace outside Cinnamon Kitchen, in Devonshire Square.
There are also Italian tipples served with a spice twist available. These are made in a cute little van pictured below.
Pictured below are Ginger Negroni cocktails.

The Pizza is made in this lovely van. How you ask…in the rear of this van is an oven. One which can reach temperatures similar to a tandoor. In reality there are lots of similarities which can be drawn between cooking in a tandoor and cooking in the Pizza Pilgrim Piaggio Van. This collaboration between two restaurant greats is truly a “Shaadi” made in heaven. 


I had been lucky to try the pizza out of this van when it had popped up in Harvey Nichols a few years ago too. The pizza tastes amazing!  For the Kenyans out there this is similar to Jiko pizza.

Here is the oven in all its glory with a pizza (my Lamb Rogan Josh Calzone) being made fresh. Love the innovative nature of Pizza Pilgrims. Who would have thought that you could make delicious pizza in the back of a van!


We also ordered a Chicken Tikka Margherita which is pictured below alongside the Lamb Rogan Josh Calzone. This was also very tasty. Served on a paper bag, it was fun to eat and with your hands so no fancy schmancy cutlery and etiquette required.


The other flavours are pictured on the menu board below as well as the different inspired fusion cocktails.

James from Pizza Pilgrims is a bubbly, happy and lovely guy. Full of passion for his food, he told me about the vision for this pop up and how it had been on the first day. He is pictured below with his team.


Finally I also was lucky to meet the inspiring Chef Vivek Singh too, the executive chef. He is a role model chef to me and he was such a nice, down to earth guy. 

Do pop down to Devonshire Square this week and try this out. For £8 for a pizza you get a great experience and pizza in one and something unusual in terms of flavours. This is Naples meeting New Delhi in the ultimate foodie dream dish.

No reservations are required and there is plenty of seating on the terrace.

While the weather is good it is such a nice spot to escape the hustle and bustle and just unwind with a tipple and a pizza.

It is a relaxed atmosphere, no need to be dressed up. The ultimate place to chill and enjoy a fusion of East meets West in London.

The pop up is open every day from 3rd until Friday 7th August from 12pm to 9pm.  

This is not a sponsored post. All views are my own.


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