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I first came across Potli while watching TV! Had seen that there was a new show on called “Chefs on Trial” on which different restaurants were interviewing for a new head chef. The episode I happened to start with was the one in which Potli was featured.

As I saw each episode, I grew in curiosity and decided that I had to go and try it for myself, especially the Tandoori Chicken, which was one of the dishes made on the show.

Potli is located in Hammersmith near Ravenscourt Park. When we arrived it was buzzing with diners and immediately the decor struck me as colourful, vibrant, quirky, cheeky and fun.



While we waited for our table we were busy people watching and enjoying some drinks. The bangles were a nice touch. If you wish you can take one on your way out 🙂

It happened to be National Mojito Day on the day we visited Potli (not that I need an excuse to have Mojitos) and I went for the Old Delhi Mojito. This had apple and mango in it and on my mojito scale was probably a 9/10.

 We were seated at a really nice spacious table which encouraged us to order lots 😉

The menu is very varied and has lots! Decision making was rather tough as everything looked good. It was split by famous Indian food markets. This was nice as you could literally eat your way on a food excursion around India.

We decided to try the Samosa Chaat from The Thelas of Chowpatty” and this was scrumptious – it can be described as a deconstructed Samosa with lots of flavour, spice and utterly refreshing with the yoghurt.

 Tandoori Chicken was not even debated – it was just ordered and this was delicious. You could tell it had been marinated for a long time and the tandoor effect is just unrivalled. Reminded me of the Tandoori Chicken we know and love from Kenya. This was from “The Tandoor of Aminabad.”

 The final starter choice was from “The Tokri of Chandni Chowk” and was a Sesame Chilli Paneer. This was indo-chinese and saucy, yummy and a little bit on the addictive side!

 We then moved on to mains and a vegetarian choice was Rattan Manjusha Kofta which was also a house speciality. Flavours of jaggery, nuts, paneer, spinach cooked in a creamy tomato based gravy with hints of Cardamom. Indulgent!  
The other mains dish was Chicken Handi Masala and this was cooked in an onion and tomato sauce. This was also really good and we had our mains with naans and rotis.

 As a side, like true Indians we had an onion and green chilli salad garnished with herbs and lots of lemon. 

 By this point we were pretty stuffed but I was determined…very determined to have dessert. Creme brûlée was on the menu. Not just any Creme brûlée but Mango creme brûlée! 

What to say. Served beautifully, warm and eaten very fast! This was definitely the nicest way to end the rich, indulgent meal.

 I also got a chance to chat to Uttam, one of the owners of Potli and also featured on Chefs on Trial. Was nice to learn a bit about his background, his experience in the restaurant industry as well as his vision and drive for Potli.

All in all this was a really pleasing meal. The prices were reasonable, the atmosphere and ambience was eclectic and fun, the food was delicious, the service was fantastic and the variety for vegetarians was massive.

It was a very relaxed venue and it was not the type of place where you need to get overly dressed up and watch your table manners and etiquette. It has a nice, warm buzz.

I would recommend booking a table in advance as it is really busy, especially on weekends and going very hungry.

I would definitely visit again to try some dishes from other regions. 

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