Darjeeling Express…all aboard a culinary adventure in the midst of soho

Amongst the hustle and bustle in Soho is docked the most wonderful culinary pop up at the Sun and 13 Cantons – Darjeeling Express. With raving reviews from lots of well known newspapers and magazines, this is one dock of foodie heaven not to be missed.

Welcomed with a beaming and lovely Asma Khan, we were taken through a culinary adventure through Northern India like no other.

Asma’s food reflects her ancestrial roots and heritage as well as her travels and life experiences through different parts of India and the key to her cooking is authenticity, lightness and delicate flavours.

  It was a lovely hot day so we cooled down with a thums up and a zaffan lassi.

Asma has managed to source the thums up bottles we know so well and this was a walk down nostalgia lane.

The Zaffan lassi was delicious! Had never had lassi with saffron flavour before and loved this! Was just perfect and refreshing.


For starters we went for the Lamb samosa and the Puchkas.  
The Lamb samosas tasted perfectly spiced, light yet moreish. Lovely and hot we quickly wolfed them down. They came with two dips which complemented them well.

The Puchkas were so refreshing. These were different to the pani puris we are used to as Gujaratis. This tastes seriously good and each one has a burst of flavours that are magical to the palate. Asma took the time to explain how the water was differently flavoured to pani puris and it was lovely to learn something new.

For mains we shared a Chicken Chaap and this was scrumptious. It came with rice topped with crispy onions which was divine.

Asma explained the history of this dish and how it differs to the stereotype of what Korma is perceived to be and how essentially this version is cooked without cream.

It was a stunning curry and it was something I had never tried before so it was nice to experience something different.

On the side we had Kachumar Salad which was delicious and so refreshing. Everything was sized to perfection which is something I learned from watching Asma as a guest judge on Chefs on trial.

Finally dessert was a trio of Nankhatais made by My Little Cake Tin.

Beautifully presented and delicate flavours – I know I will be putting my order in for some of these! They were so yummy! My favourite was the Vanilla and my husband’s was the Cardamom flavoured one.

I would highly recommend going to The Sun and 13 Cantons to experience Asma’s amazing food. Her hospitality is brilliant as is the food and the atmosphere.

Not only did I experience something new in terms of North Indian cuisine, I felt like I learned so much about it as well as Asma’s pearls of cuisine wisdom while I was there. 

 The pop up is on till March 2016 and the Sun and 13 Cantons is located at:

21 Great Pulteney Street London W1F 9NG


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