Chai Ki – an eclectic Toddy house in Canary Wharf, Crossrail place

Chai Ki – an eclectic Toddy house in Canary Wharf, Crossrail place

A “toddy” house is a drinking establishment popular in India, particularly in Kerala. 

Toddy is an alcoholic drink made from the sap of palm trees. It is usually served with fiery hot food.

Now you can experience this in an eclectic establishment in London in a fabulous location! 

Chai Ki is from the same owner as Roti Chai and is a brand new restaurant based on these coastal drinking dens which serves Indo-Chinese food at Crossrail place, in the heart of Canary Wharf. It is part toddy bar and part restaurant.

There is a breakfast menu available and a different all day menu. The cocktail list is divine as is the range of other drinks, particularly the infusion beers and the fiery food complements this throughout the day.

We opted to go for lunch and we were dazzled by the menu. Attached to a clipboard it was simple, aesthetically pleasing and yet the choice was incredible.

 For drinks, there is an extensive and interesting list so it was tough to decide as everything sounded good! I went for the Maha Mojito, which was made from ginger infused rum, mint and lime juice, and the masala spices infusion beer.

I am a mojito addict and this was really refreshing and easy to drink and it definitely passed my expectations with flying colours.

The masala spice beer was really delicious too. The spices were not overpowering at all and actually complemented the beer really well.

The food menu is split by nibbles, sharing plates, mains and sides.

For starters we decided to try the Hakka Paneer and the Chilli burnt chicken. The Hakka Paneer was my favourite dish and was just so tasty! It was a sharing plate and the portions were really good. 

Described as a “fiery Indo-Chinese warm salad with fresh green chilli & spring onion” on the menu it definitely has a fiery kick to it but you can’t help yourself indulging on it all! The paneer is marinated really nicely and the texture is just perfect.


The burnt chilli chicken was also from the sharing plates section and was also really delicious. Cooked in Szechwan sauce with green and red peppers and spring onion, this was also an Indo-Chinese fusion dish and really tasty.


For mains we went for the Dakshini Korma, which was a vegetarian dish of aubergines, sweet potato, corn, snow peas and cooked in coconut milk and infused with South Indian spices. 


This was served with basmati rice which was really nice and fluffy. We ordered some naan breads and some mint and cucumber raita with this dish. As we were feeling extra brave we also ordered the Agni “Fire” sauce on the side. If you are a hot sauce addict this is a must try! 

The portions were excellent and we were reasonably stuffed but were determined to try the desserts and relax with a nice cup of punjabi style sweet and mildly spiced masala chai. 


We ordered the chocolate brownie which came with a coffee sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and the Vanilla cheesecake which came with grilled pineapple and caramel butterscotch sauce. 


The grilled pineapples were so refreshing! All in all both desserts were immense! The coffee sauce complemented the brownie perfectly and the caramel butterscotch sauce was delectable. Presentation was beautiful and portions were fantastic.


The tea was perfect and tasted authentic and made me reminisce of the “cutting chai” you get in india. 

The service was amazing and the waiters and waitresses were attentive, polite and really friendly. The food came out relatively quickly and was served in beautiful dishes.
The ambience was lovely and the restaurant was airy and spacey. 

The prices were reasonable and the menu selection was fantastic for both drinks and food. 

If you like trying out different fusion food then this is a definite must try. There is a good balance of Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with a mix of modern and classic dishes too. The food tastes fresh, and is a treat to the palate.

 I will definitely be going back to try all the dishes we didn’t get to eat this time round 🙂 I will have to order the Hakka Paneer again though as this was a show stopping dish in my eyes. 

I give Chai Ki a rating of 8.5 out of 10 and look forward to visiting this toddy house again for drinks and food. 

  Chai Ki is located at:

Mall Level -1

Crossrail Place

Canary Wharf


E14 5AR

020 7408 7630


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