Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereal Killer Cafe

Are you serious about cereals?

The Cereal Killer cafe is based on Brick Lane, London and is a cafe dedicated to….well cereals 🙂

After much publicity, I decided it was worth checking out what the hype was all about.



When you walk in you see boxes and boxes of cereals from around the world and some really nostalgic ones too. You can also get gluten free options as well as almond milk. There are over 100 different cereals to choose from.

Making a decision is really a tough choice – and you thought choosing cereal in the supermarket was hard!

In terms of pricing a small bowl of cereal is ÂŁ2.50. Not too different to what you would pay for breakfast at other fast food eateries in London so why not try something different. 

In addition you can choose cereal cocktails, which are amazing concotions made from several different cereals, toppings and flavoured milks.

If you want something different to cereal you can also opt for nutella toast or pop tarts. 

If you do go for the cereals (if you can manage to choose which one to have out of the amazing range), there is a wonderful selection of toppings as well as different flavoured milks to have your cereal with.

We tried the Custard milk and the Bubblegum milk and both were fantastic.

In terms of cereal choice we went for Corn pops, Milo, Cookies and cream, Cinnabon and Lucky charms topped with strawberries.

In addition we had pop tarts and nutella toast.


 It was a lovely experience and I would definitely go again to try out some more cereals which I haven’t tried before.

For added ambience they even have famous “cereal killers” as wall art made from…you guessed it!  Cereals 🙂 


The Cereal Killer Cafe is located at:

E1 6SB

The menu can be found at:



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